Is your house Yin or Yang?

Is your house Yin or Yang? Featured image source: Pinterest

Do you know if your house is Yin or Yang?

Did you know whether your house is Yin or Yang can affect your mood, motivation and how you go about living your life?

Here’s how to determine the energetic quality of your house and how you can alter it to your benefit.

How to tell if your house is Yin or Yang

A Yin house

When I finished high school I moved out with some friends and lived in what could be described as a very Yin house.

It was your typical haunted-looking house. It was old, dark, cold, run-down and just plain creepy. Flakey, chipped paint (barely) covered the walls, musty, old carpet covered the floors and the yard was untidy and overgrown.

All of this meant the house was attracting too much Yin energy.

Yin energy is sedating and lacking in vitality, and an excess of it can cause the occupants to become lazy, indecisive, unmotivated and depressed. It’s no wonder that while I was living in the house I missed several uni lectures and ended up failing one of my subjects (not passing the buck… I swear!)

A Yang house

A very Yang house, as you would imagine, is the complete opposite.

A house that is bright, hot, busy and noisy attracts a lot of Yang energy, which is rising and energising. However, too much of it can cause occupants to feel restless, hyperactive, stressed, make rash decisions and experience insomnia.

How to achieve the right balance of Yin and Yang

The ideal house is what I like to call the Goldilocks House—not too Yin; not too Yang— however, it should be a little more Yang than Yin.

This kind of house will allow the occupants to feel energised and motivated. They should have the drive to get out of bed and go to work, socialise with friends and generally make something of their lives, but it will also provide the right environment for them to come home and relax, unwind and rest.

If you discover that your house is either too Yin or too Yang, here are some things you can do to achieve the right balance:

Too Yin

  • Yin houses can often be messy and stuffy. Declutter and create more open space inside
  • Open up the windows to let in fresh air and sunlight
  • Install more lights inside the home if needed
  • Use lighter colours or warmer tones throughout the house
  • Create a lighter and more energised feel with bright, colourful artwork, shiny accessories, lightweight furniture and indoor pot plants
  • Tidy up the garden and chop down any big trees or bushes in the front yard to make it open and inviting
  • Play uplifting, upbeat music inside

Too Yang

  • A house with lots of big, glass windows can be too Yang. Install window coverings that can be closed to give privacy, block glare from the sun and cool down the house
  • Have softer, more gentle lighting inside
  • Use darker colours or cooler tones throughout the house
  • Create a cozy, more nurturing environment with textured rugs, throws, cushions and heavier, upholstered furniture
  • Play calming, soothing music inside

Remember how I said energy is contagious? Pay attention to the type of energy you surround yourself with, including that of your home and whether it is Yin or Yang, as it will have an effect on you!


Featured image source: Pinterest (from @beckiowens, built by @castlehomes, photo by @alyssarosenheck

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