What is feng shui

For those of you not totally familiar with feng shui, let me give you the low-down on what it is:

~ An Ancient Chinese art and science with a history dating back thousands of years. The Chinese understood the way the natural forces in our world work together and knew how to harness these energies to create a balanced and harmonious living environment.

~ Based on the fundamental principal that everything in the universe is made up of energy, or Qi, vibrating at different frequencies – a theory that is even supported by modern scientists of today.

~ Uses a mathematical system and compass directions to work out where positive and negative energies are located in your home or business. These energies have a direct effect on your prosperity in certain areas of your life.

~ Implements remedies based on the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal to balance and harmonise the energies and help you achieve health, happiness and abundance.

And what it isn’t:

~ Simply moving furniture around a room so that it flows and looks better. Well, ok, that’s part of it, but only at the most basic level. There is, OH, so much more to it than that.

~ Placing Chinese trinkets around the place because they’re meant to be lucky. In fact, you can easily feng shui a place without using anything Chinese-y whatsoever.

~ Superstition. As I mentioned, its foundation is SCIENTIFIC.

So what does a feng shui consultant or practitioner do?

A good consultant or practitioner can identify specific energies in your home or business and the influences they have on your life.

They will suggest things you can do to attract, activate or enhance any positive energies and recommend remedies to mitigate or reduce the impact of any negative energies.

How can feng shui help me?

It can help improve your quality of life. Period. What more could you ask for? It can help your house feel like a home. It can help you sleep better. It can help remove obstacles in your love life. It can help you take control of your finances. The list goes on!

But, lets get real here…

Feng shui is not magic.

It will not guarantee that the man or woman of your dreams will suddenly knock on your door, but what it can do is put you in a position of being open to receiving more fortune in romantic relationships. Nor will it guarantee that you win the lottery, but what it can do is put you in a position where more opportunities leading to financial success may come your way. It is then up to you to make the most of these circumstances!