Feng shui poison arrows – how to stop them attacking your home

feng shui poison arrows

Feng shui poison arrows.

Sounds pretty deadly, right?

Well they’re called that for a reason as they’re one of the major forces of negative energy (Sha Qi) according to Form School feng shui that you need to watch out for!

Poison arrows are concentrations of energy that shoot at you like an arrow from sharp, angled or pointed objects in your environment. This type energy is so forceful that it “attacks” whatever it is pointing towards, so the last thing you want is for any poison arrows to be directed at your house or yourself!

Your home is your sanctuary and poison arrows are considered a threat to your safety and wellbeing. Because there’s no escaping or dodging energy that affects your home from the outside, which in turn affects yourself and your family, it’s most important to check for poison arrows in your surrounding environment that point towards your house before focusing on poison arrows inside the home.

Poison arrow from a T-intersection

One of the most severe types of poison arrows to affect a house is if it is located at the end of a T-intersection, and especially if the front door is in line with the oncoming road. Although this energy isn’t coming from a sharp or pointed object, it acts in the same way as it rushes down the road towards the house. Being constantly pelted with such strong energy can cause serious misfortune for those living there, including lack of opportunities, poor health and financial troubles.

Ever noticed how accidents often occur at T-intersections? The energy is moving with such force down the road that cars are unable to stop, slow down or turn in time, and the longer and straighter the road the more forceful the energy.  Remember how I said it’s better to have a curved or wavy path as opposed to a straight one leading up to your front door? It’s for this same reason. Positive energy (Sheng Qi) is of a more gentle quality and should meander and flow slowly towards your home.

There is, however, an exception to this (there are always exceptions in feng shui!) and that is if the poison arrow from a T-interesection hits a good flying star in that sector. In this case it actually activates and enhances the positive energy of that star to bring you good fortune!

Other poison arrows outside

Other poison arrows in your environment to look out for are angles and points coming from corners of neighbouring roofs and buildings, as well as things like power poles, single trees, pillars, sharp garden sculptures, etc., from which the projection of energy is more concentrated. Again, they are especially bad if they’re pointing towards or in line with your front door as this is the mouth of the home and determines the quality of energy inside the whole home.

Get this.

Before Lillian Too became the world renowned feng shui expert that she is today, she tried unsuccessfully for many years to conceive her daughter and it wasn’t until a feng shui Master to her house and told her a large tree blocking her front door was stopping her from falling pregnant!

If a poison arrow is pointed towards a particular sector of your house, eg. north, east, southwest, etc., then it may negatively impact the area of your life to which it relates, eg. career, health, relationships, etc.

To protect your home from poison arrows outside, here are some things you can do.

Feng shui tips for protecting your home from poison arrows in the surrounding environment

  • Block the path of the poison arrow energy with plants or a healthy, green bush.
  • Install a wall or fence to block the path of the energy, providing it isn’t too tall or close to the house. Remember, we still want positive energy to be able to reach the front door.
  • Disperse the negative energy by hanging a multi-faceted crystal ball in it’s path.
  • If the poison arrow is pointing towards a window, hang some sheer curtains up to block its energy while still allowing light to shine through.
  • For poison arrows directed at particular sectors, place an object of the controlling element (in the Chinese five elemental cycle) for that sector in its path:
    • East and southeast – use the Metal Element such as a wind chime or metal sculpture
    • South – use the Water Element such as a water feature or a black object
    • Southwest and northeast – use the Wood Element such as some pot plants or a hedge
    • West and northwest – use the Fire Element such as some bright lights
    • North – use the Earth Element such as some ceramic pots, crystals or a brick wall

Every time you walk past or look at the remedy you’ve implemented, think, with intention, about it’s purpose of blocking the poison arrow as this will help to program its protective energy.


98 thoughts on “Feng shui poison arrows – how to stop them attacking your home

  1. Hi, I have at least 2 poison arrows hitting the SW wall of my house (mainly SW 1 and 2). This is a tall electric pole and a church structure. Both are taller than my house. I don’t have space between my wall and the fence to place a plant. Can I use a wooden wind chime instead? Do you have any other suggestions? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

    1. Hi Deepti, yes I would definitely suggest using a wooden wind chime. Is your fence made of wood as well as that will help to control the effect of the poison arrow. If you have a window there, you could place some pot plants on the window sill as well, or even some objects that are green in colour. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi can i have some advice because my house is directed at T-joint street..what can i do to prevent the poison arrow tnx

    1. Hello, I provide some solutions in my blog post. Some things you can consider are positioning some shrubs, bushes or a low wall in between your house and the poison arrow.

  3. I live on a corner traffic traffic drives straight at my house from and away north east,cars lights shine on gable end,there is a small wall and have recently planted a clumping bamboo,anything other suggestions?

    1. That’s great that you’ve planted the bamboo which is of the Wood element, and the fact that there is a small wall there as they will be helping to block the unwanted Qi. If the car lights shine through any windows there you might like to install some appropriate window dressings so that you’re not disturbed by the light, but I think the remedies you have right now are very suitable.

  4. I live in rented apartment ,the door is opening in the north -east ,there is pillar kind of thing facing my door .its got sharp angle which is I suppose is throwing poison arrow ,as there is no way I can put plants to block it what should I do ? The only place I can put something is my main door please suggest ,thank you

    1. Hi Sunitaa, how close to your front door is the pillar? Can you put a tall pot plant or a decorative screen by your main door to block the poison arrow?

  5. My laundry room is on the middle left side of my house (looking in from the front door). I know metal is bad there, Do you have any suggestions? I do keep several healthy plants in my laundry room.

    1. Hi Cheryl, why do you say that metal is bad to have there? I am assuming you are making these calculations using Black Hat feng shui rather than Compass School feng shui. Compass school feng shui uses compass directions to determine where the life aspects in your house are located. Generally, a laundry will drain the energy from the sector it’s located in and this is usually not good, unless, however there are negative flying stars located there because in this case it is good for that negative energy to be drained.

  6. Hi Jemma- I am looking for a new apt and I found one that I really like; however, I think there may be poison arrows.

    When I look out at some of the windows, across the street is another apt building but I only see part of the building. (Half of the window is the corner of the building so its a straight line down the window). I’m not sure if I’m describing it correctly, but is that considered a poison arrow?

    1. Hi Cherylin,

      Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the late reply. Is it the corner or edge of the building (where the 2 flat sides of the building meet) that is pointing towards your window, or just the flat side? If it is the corner or edge then it can be considered a poison arrow and in this case you need to determine how much of an impact it would have on you. Consider how far away it is from your window and whether it makes you feel uncomfortable. The closer it is the more impact it has and if you feel uneasy about it then definitely apply one of the remedies I mentioned in my blog post. Hope this helps!

  7. My friend’s pool is rectangular, and one corner is pointing tiwards the kitchen and the other corner towards the maindoor. They plaved some plants near the corners but am not sure if this is enough.
    The pool is also located very near the house..around 2 meters from the main house…
    Thanks for the feedback…

    1. Hi Leonora,

      Is the pool in-ground or above ground? If it’s at ground level then I wouldn’t be concerned about the corner at all, however if it is above ground and the corner is pointing towards the main door then definitely apply some remedies. The plants are a great idea. Make sure they are large and dense enough to block the view of the corner from the door and kitchen window, but not so that they obstruct the flow of Qi reaching the front door.

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    My neighbor told me the weathervane on my roof right above where my office used to be, is a poison arrow and I need to take it down. We installed it five years ago when we bought our house and since then we’ve lost our business and have had many problems, financial, personal, you name it. Could this be the cause? what can I do to counteract the negative energy besides taking it down?

    1. Hi Marilin,

      The weathervane can be considered a poison arrow if it contains sharp arrows pointing at your neighbour,therefore affecting them, however as it is on your roof it wouldn’t be affecting your house. Since you have been experiencing issues since you bought your house I would say that it could be the feng shui of your home. Check to see whether there are any poison arrows pointing towards your front door and try to remedy them. Otherwise it could be the flying stars in your home, particularly those located at the entrance that may be affecting you. To find out your home’s flying star chart you will need to have a flying star consultation conducted on your home.

      1. OMG! I’d never even knew about flying stars. I’d love to have a consultation. Are you able to help me with it? What’s involved and what is the cost?

        1. Hi Marilin,

          I’m not currently offering consultations as I’ve just had a baby so I’m having some time off 🙂 However, for your information the price for a flying star consultation usually ranges between $500-$800. For a consult you would need to have a to-scale floor plan of your home and you would need to know the exact year in which your house was built and the year of any additions or large renovations. An accurate measurement of the compass direction that your house faces is taken, and this along with all the other information is used to calculate a map of specific energies, or ‘stars’, which combine and fall into specific sectors of your home which is then marked onto the floor plan. The consult will tell you how these combinations of energies can either positively or negatively affect you and your family and how to remedy any undesirable energies.

  9. Hi Jemma,

    The house behind mine, has a badly done aircon pvc piping that ‘poke’ straight (90 degrees) at the window of my study. Will covering my window with frost film help to expel the poison arrow?
    There’s no way for me to hang anything outside the window as the grilles are inside the window glass (inside my room), The only space is to hang something on the grilles but inside the window. Real plant will be a little heavy.

    1. Hi Nee,

      Nice to hear from you. Yes, frosting the window so that you cannot see the poison arrow will definitely help. Another option would be to hang a sheer curtain over the window that still lets in light but blocks your sight of it. In addition you could also hang a faceted crystal ball in the window off the grills to disperse the energy of the poison arrow. Hope this helps!

  10. Hello dear,
    I have moved to a house which is in outside curve (or exterior curve) of a bend in long road on north west, almost in alignment with the front door. So I am worried what to do in this case to avoid the poison arrow from this road,
    Your advise will be deeply appreciated

    1. Hi Isha,

      Yes this situation can be a problem, especially if the bend in the road is very sharp and if the road is busy with a lot of traffic. Do you have a fence or wall in your front yard as this will help shield your home from the poison arrow energy. If not, my suggestion would be to plant a hedge/large shrubs in your front yard that blocks the view of this bend, but not too close to the house so that it blocks positive Qi from entering your front door.

  11. Hello Gemma. I live in Australia and have just bought our dream home on the east coast. I looked at the plan of the home and found the feng shui energy was great but I now realize it is opposite a street (t-intersection ) that runs downhill towards the house. The only good thing I see is the front door faces a side street not the intersection. It has no front fence or trees but has a huge flat rock in the front yard. The main bedroom is on the first floor but set towards the back of the home. Can u suggest what type of fence to build please? And also to protect the bedroom? The road runs towards east at the house. There are some single windows facing the road but they have sheer curtains in them already. We move into the home early February so will plan to implement the cures as soon as possible. I would really appreciate your help with this matter. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      Nice to hear from you and congratulations on purchasing your dream home! With regards to the poison arrow from the t-intersection, it’s good that it’s not facing your front door, however, if it’s a very high-traffic road pointing to the East sector of your home then it may affect your family’s health, family relationships, cause issues with the liver, gall bladder, feet, as well as the prosperity of the eldest son (if there is an eldest son in the family living at home). You will need to use the controlling element for East which is Metal in order to block the poison arrow, so I would suggest a grey fence as the colour grey is of the Metal element, and placing a wind chime or metal object (such as a sculpture or vessel) outside in the East sector. The sheer curtains you have are great. I wouldn’t be concerned about the bedroom if it’s at the back of the house because it won’t be falling into the East sector of your floor plan. Hope this helps and all the best!

  12. Do I need to on bright lights 24/7 to counter the poison arrow? What kind of lights would you recommend? I don’t think I have sockets outside the house. Thanks.

    1. Hi May,

      Bright lights are a good way to counter poison arrows, especially if they are directed at the West or Northwest sectors of your home, and the longer you can leave them on the better. However, if you are unable to install lights in these areas use something else of the Fire element, such as something large and red, pink or purple (maybe a large pot or urn, curtains, bench seat etc.), or something pointy or triangular (as long as the pointy bits aren’t pointing towards your home).

  13. Hi, theres a newly constructed building in front of my house and the poison arrow is aimed on my bedroom window and aside of that a roof of my neighbors too. I already placed plants in front of my bedroom window but I’m not sure if it’s working, it’s really aggressive. Will hanging a multi faceted crystal in my bedroom window help or outside my window?

    1. Hi Rossu,

      Yes, if you don’t feel the plants are enough to block the poison arrow then you can definitely hang a multi-faceted crystal from your bedroom window (from top window sill or just outside of the window). Sheer curtains that you can pull closed so that you’re unable to see it are another option.

    1. Hi Yew,

      What room does the sharp corner point into? If its a room used frequently like your bedroom, living room or kitchen, then you can apply some remedies to block the poison arrow. The impact is not as bad as if it were pointing towards your front door.

  14. Hi Jemma,

    My house main door is facing directly sharp edge of an opposite block. I’ve been staying there for more than ten years and felt that things doesn’t go well and “shun”. Should I move or stay?

    1. Hi Darren,

      I can’t give you advice on whether to move or stay, but it sounds like this poison arrow is causing you some discomfort. Try applying some of the remedies I have mentioned and see if they make any difference to you. Try to discern how you feel about your home deep down inside, then trust your instincts on what you should do.

  15. Hi…my house is semi detached..but my main door is facing building apartment and security gate and the Gate road and my room window facing the apartment building..how it’s help ?

    1. Hi Joanne,
      It depends on how you feel when you look out your front door and bedroom window. Does the view of these things make you feel uneasy? Try decorating the outside with flowers, plants or decorative objects so that when you look outside your attention is drawn to these lovely things that make you feel good, rather than being drawn to the building and gate.

  16. Please HELP.
    I feel so trouble. I was told exterior poison arrows are more harmful than interior ones.
    Any suggestion to cure this is very much appreciated. Both business is related to the real estate industry.

    I have two office both on the 2nd floor.
    First one – the path directly to office entrance has 5 poison arrow (roof top corners) and one light pool directly in line with the front door.
    Second one- the front door faces the back wall of (taller) building.

    Sincerely appreciation

  17. Hello, after a recent car accident where I was hit from behind I was reflecting on it and realized that there is a t intersection at the back of my house. The alley is a t that ends at my detached garage which I enter daily. There is a telephone pole right beside the garage and a tall fence (might counteract?) but I wonder if this explains two times being hit from above (parkade door) and behind in the car. The garage is on the SW corner of lot. What type of cure woukd you suggest? I can’t block the garage doors with anything so not sure what’s best.

    1. Hi Claire, sorry to hear about your car accident. Yes the T intersection could very much be contributing to your accidents. The fence should help to reduce the forceful energy and you could also place some other wood element features there such as plants and bushes on either side of the garage doors. If the accidents happen at night time you might like to consider installing some lights near your garage doors too.

  18. hi i live in an apartment 9th floor, where staring out of living room window, there is a low level library and directly behind it is a highrise building that is circular. The circular, rounded building is right is directly in my line of sight but it is about 2 blocks away. Is this considered a poison arrow in any way? if yes, how can i counter this? And is it bad to be facing a library? Thanks.

  19. Hi Jemma

    My wife and I are planning to buy a house but she warned me about poison arrow which I have no idea about. Our house is located at an outer curve of a quiet road. The curve is gradual. However there is also a long walkway path that lead directly to our house. There is a hedge to block this view. Would building a wall be better or just keep the hedge?


  20. Hi Gemma,
    I live in an apartment along a very long straight path, partly enclosed as a corridor. The path goes past my home and then leads to a quarter acre spare block where an odd neighbour is building all sorts of protruding structures (play equipment / forts) that spoil my privacy. He walks past my home several times per day to get there and he gives me the creeps. I have a small patch of garden on. the other side of the path where I am building a pond at the moment to combat the issue. Do you have any tips please of how to deal with this long, straight path (I just curved the edge of it today – the part that leads to the spare block) and anything to keep the neighbour’s energy from affecting me when he is walking past my front door and windows and working on the spare block that looks into my garden? Thanks so much, Anibell

  21. Hello! Our “new to us” home is Located at the end of a T intersection coming from South but is not directly towards our front door. Second, our neighbor decided to build their home and aligned their front door directly at our front door as well. Although They have built a wall above chest in height. Is that considered poison arrow? We noticed we had finacial and other diffulties after their house is built. We also have 2 tall trees in our yard blocking lights from cars towards our living amd dining area and a wooden fence (chest level in height) and sheer curtains . Does that suffice the T intersection poison arrow? Can I put multi faceted crystal outside the window for added protection? how about the main door remedy? Your response is highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Sarah, apologies for my delayed reply. Have things settled down since at all since you moved in? Which compass sector of your house does the T intersection aim at if it is not directly at your front door? It is a good thing that it is not directly in line with your front door as the effect isn’t as negative, however depending on what sector of your house it does hit, it could affect your prosperity in that area of your life. I wouldn’t be too concerned with your neighbour’s front door, especially if there is a wall above chest hight between both your doors. The trees and sheer curtains act as good remedies – remedies do take some time to become effective which is why I asked if things have settled down yet. If not, then certainly hang a multi-faceted crystal there as to disperse the strong energy coming from the T intersection. Some more plants and shrubs outside near the trees could also help.

  22. Hi Jemma,
    I m staying in a Pg and have a upper bunk bed which is so close to the roof..
    There one horizontal beem over head and has poison arrows pointing towards me. Someone told me to hang bamboo rods. But m confused as in how to hang them. Just need to place them horizontally below the beam or hang them like poison arrows over beam.pLs suggest.

    1. Hi Anuja, apologies for the delayed reply. It is actually bamboo flutes that you need. Hang them at a 45 degree angle on each end of the beam to ’round off’ the corners. Another option is to hang a soft fabric canopy over your bed so that you cannot see the beam while you are lying on your bed.

  23. Hi Jemma,
    I’m quite new to Feng Shui and am trying to implement the principles in my home.
    My front door is on the south side of my property, accessed by a narrow path.
    My neighbors roof is directing poison arrows at my front door. There is no space near the front door for a water feature, how else could I combat the resulting negative energy?

    1. Hi Lindsey, nice to hear from you. If there’s no space for a water feature, perhaps you could install some type of decorative screen that looks nice near your front door to block the poison arrow from your neighbour’s roof. If you want to get really particular the screen could be in blue or black to reflect the water element, however as long as there’s some type of barrier that should be ok!

  24. Hello I bought a condo this year and there are stairs leading directly up to my front door. The space between the stairs and my door is a very small: five-by-five space, so I can’t build a wall. put up a hedge, make any architectural modifications, and there is barely even space for a plant or anything like that. What would you recommend?

    1. Hi Karen, congratulations on your purchase! I don’t consider the stairs leading to your front door to be a poison arrow as the energy flowing up the stairs isn’t really ‘forceful’. However what would suggest is to make the entrance to your condo look attractive and inviting to help positive Qi find it’s way there.

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